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) and we need another 500, the covers are ready to go.

We’ll only have to pay for the black and white guts of the book, and the binding.

Offset printing is a high-volume printing method that uses large machinery to transfer text and images from metal plates to rubber pads then finally to paper.

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The “Press” materials are in case you decide, as I did, that you wanted to produce store-quality books at home, without having to go out and pay for commercial print shop services anymore. I was using matting board like you’d get from a framing shop until I found large grey boards in an art shop that cost a fraction of the price.

The colour of the cover might shift when it goes to press.

Your pretty proof from the designer might not match the final product.

Once all the signatures are stitched, tie the two ends of the thread together, clamp the pages between two hard pieces of board with the spine sticking out, and glue the spine fairly heavily with glue.

Leave this clamped together and put it aside to dry.

Accomidating definition wiki