Am i intimidating or ugly

In any case, dedicate some time to making the most of what you have and showing off your assets.If you dress to show off the best parts of your body, if you make sure your skin looks good and healthy, and if you try a new hair cut then youd be surprised to find that it can actually transform your look entirely and make a swan out of even the ugliest duckling.Feeling ugly and unattractive is a highly common problem that probably all of us have experienced at one time or another.

Another rather big change that can make a huge positive difference is to have cosmetic dentistry such as veneers or crowns.

Then at the same time it makes us feel less capable.

It is attractive people of course who find attractive partners and by the same token it is common for attractive people to get the more desirable jobs.

Its a little psychological trick that can transform your perceptions.

At the same time you can also improve this area of yourself and make it your feature.