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They were instead released by police employees as counter programming — a way to characterize cops positively when tales of “bad apples” overtook the news cycle.

“The chief talked to me about how Topeka was really getting beat up in the news with some shootings, some homicides,” an officer told the North Carolina, for example, passed legislation last year excluding body camera video from the public record, so footage is not available through North Carolina’s Public Records Act.

The Topeka Police Department may have wanted positive public relations with the release of its pond rescue video, but if a news outlet had requested that video through Kansas’ Open Records Act, that request would’ve likely been denied.

The maps of the routes of the 10 cats above are not all from the same 24-hour period or necessarily from the same day the cat cam footage was recorded.Researchers used GPS trackers to record the cats' movements over six 24-hour periods.Micro-cameras were attached to a selection of cats to film their activities.Another, from the Topeka Police Department in Kansas, showed an officer rescuing a drowning boy from a pond.These videos were not released at the request of journalists or civilians hoping to shed light on police activity.