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the Immediate liu UUitian of a clty,‘^°“'^* ^ • specified u, jii^tory. relations would have to be reviewed TRAINED 05TU IA1. 18 i Wrdnra- One of the main recommendations 6egan ■tramtng ta ilang- of the Hamilton survey of hospitals | Morning Post said todsy rbloese was for the sppolntment of Ualnrd Na Uunalist p Unea rsldcd a dork hospital admln Utrmtors. FORD 1 Na- The commiuee oppose, the by-law ^ Hunlrr l it v clerk dcctn’red last' ABOARD UBB FLYING CLOUD. threatens to paralyse vesm U on the wtwid be premature. C^ wasn't around tht Royal Winter Pair today, but she was announced once again as the World’s Wheat Queen. They relat* to Judklal, customs and taxatloo matters. Slater, secretary of Slate Acheson and the Anglo-French foreign min- isters discussed the possib Uity In: last week A Pane meet mg TO Il Kf OVSIUKK PKORl. M Hope «BA exprewd that they might meet irgutn at Ct.risinias lime, but perhspa a little later The i Hirpoac would be to reconsider the German prman Uhig of certain p Usn U as the Thyssen ateel works will be Mi'pemled if tne Born Oovernm*mt a.*‘SUfnea tu U respooal- b Dlty fur it within the Ituhr con Uot anthority.

■ ' petition under flection Five of the • P^UUon signed by five per cruti ITrhmlnary flgurei show the Municipal Manager Act, asking for'°^ fnlsiered voters w Ul imu-SO voter.- U t lo be the biggest! j The menacing Atlantic and Gulf | Oadsden felt Delectlve-Irupector i ^ I llll w*»a 1 1 w LAKE 8UCCE8S. civil- Soviet Onvemment could mnke to- 1 A union spokesman lashed out at rt#«mer I^nmlse and wll Num over ond tnamim* Ubor dispute st Ul Mayor George declared the action South a^ ^t to JSiv’drove near JJ to te U th* flariet oeou L the truih^ resolution VUhlnsky wards peace would be to disband “le nune owners In a day which ^ Wo. She won the title once' before, in 1947, and that year was disappointed to find that only a cash prise accompanied the h Andsome ,000 C. Mr Abbott could give no at t Mlted Slatas o Malned under a M* , year lease from the United Kingdom i in i Mi KU statement indicated that Canada Is not pressing (or the right to take over the bases ec a mliitary basis but his suttinem that the Amerlcam have “very su U'an Ual extra military rtih U" there backs report* that the Ooveriunent U seek- ing to have those right* modified. OP held in Washington about the first of the new year Rcliai'le informanu told liiur- nallonal News Service that United .

Humphry Davy takes place this month, was hon Mge was presented to the bride- elect; her mother. The radio-phonograph, which members dlscused purchasing for the school at the last meeting, will be demonstrated.

The ceremony was per- formed by the president, assisted by the Rush Captain Hden Mc Kee • • • Gordon Head P -TA will meet at Gordon Head School on Monday, at 7;4& pm.