Concerns about dating police officers

Persons contacting police to conduct service calls such as motorists assistance (on-campus jump starts and vehicle unlocks), safety escorts, and parking concerns will still be directed to our Control Center for processing.

All emergency calls from on campus extensions or cell phones should dial 9-1-1.

“Larry has said repeatedly that he is excited to work with the good officers of the Philadelphia Police Department, which he believes are the overwhelmingly majority,” Waxman said in an email.

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It may be you are fed up with anti-social and nuisance behaviour, for example.

No blood on my hands when he lets the s–bags out.” Another officer, Bob Condart, responded with an image of the logo of the District Attorney’s Office flipped upside-down, a move that is considered a symbol of distress.

Also on the page, Officer John Graziano called Krasner a “creepo scumbag.” And Officer Steve Mancuso wrote: “He’s got that look on his face you just wanna wipe off with a bitch slap.” (Mancuso has been accused of such rough handling, in a “violent takedown” of an Eagles fan during a game; the case was settled out of court.) Another commenter wrote, “Hitler could run for DA or Mayor on the Democratic ticket and win.” Then Marchetti’s partner, Kevin Klein, posted a video of Marchetti prank-calling the law office of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo to congratulate Krasner on his win.