Consolidating democracy prerequsites

It was expected that the political upheavals and the political rhetoric of the new political leaders would heighten expectations among hitherto exploited, marginalized, oppressed, and intimidated communities and persons. In Nigeria, the process culminated in a military coup in November 1993 bringing to power one of the most insensitive and ruthless military junta in that nation's political history.

With the on-going changes in the global order and the gradual recomposition of socio-economic and political relations, Africa has not been left out of the political, if not the economic wave.

En Zambie, la victoire époustouflante du Mouvement pour la Démocratie Multiparti (MMD) en 1991 ne s'est pas traduite par une amélioration significative des conditions de vie du peuple.

Ayant amplement élargi la sphère politique, le gouvernement MMD demeure toutefois non seulement conservateur, mais également incapable d'établir un ordre véritablement transparent, responsable, moral et politique.

The superficial, defensively radical, opportunistic, diversionary, and narrow focus of the organizations, politics, and strategies have eroded their legitimacy, bred confusion, and made it easy for the incumbent governments to penetrate, divide, and out-manoeuver them in the competition for power7.

Finally, the process of political liberalization in Africa has, in spite of widespread expectations, failed to bring about fundamental changes.

Consolidating democracy prerequsites