Dating mistakes quotes

Her tendency to date undesirables is exemplified by her on-again, off-again relationship with the boorish misogynist David Puddy, but she attracts the attentions of men who are homeless, controlling, self-obsessed and otherwise afflicted as well.In Reality: Do I have girlfriends who date a**holes? But none quite embrace the role with the unerring regularity that Elaine does. Plus: 3 Love Lessons From “I Love Lucy” : Though Jerry dates an ex of George’s early on in the series, it is the eccentric Cosmo Kramer who has a true predilection for sloppy seconds, as evidenced by his tendency to swoop in where the other two have failed (in one case, he goes so far as to enlist the help of his loathsome but exceedingly loquacious friend Newman in an attempt to steal an incumbent girlfriend from Jerry).In Reality: Until you have “that conversation” and “rules” are established, you should operate under the assumption that the person you are with might be seeing other people as well.Before that day comes, you are both well within your right to exercise your bachelorhood as you see fit.

Plus: 10 Things That Are Attractive About Guys and Girls With Glasses : Or at least Elaine Benes does.Probably to my detriment, I unwittingly gathered mine from Jerry, George, Elaine and, yes, even Kramer.The show played background noise to my early evenings from about ages six to twenty (if you’re questioning my math, one word: reruns), so the selfish, impulsive and cynical behaviors of the show’s core ensemble have always seemed — to me — rather normal. Now I am a young, single Manhattanite and, like each member of the comedic foursome that once acted as my barometer for acceptable social conduct, a serial dater.Plus: 9 Annoying Things You Should Never Say to a Single Person : The show’s producers have been quoted as saying that the fatal flaw of its central characters (as well as the driving force behind its longevity), was a strict “no hugging, no learning” policy when it came to their encounters with others, most notably in their experiences with dating.In other words, their inability to learn from failed relationships impedes them from ever achieving anything more substantive, so they instead wallow in a state of self-induced, hardheaded dissatisfaction for perpetuity.