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Dermot also does not talk a lot about the separation, his life with Keener and the relationship with her after the separation.

He was not seen with a girlfriend immediately after the separation which rules out that option in the reason for the separation.

Note to Elizabeth: Jackie’s romances often end up as fodder for the show.

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They'd canceled two times already so I was surprised that William had finally showed up and was glad we were gonna to get things going.

While The L Word may be long gone from the airwaves, its cast members continue to be big draws at Club Skirts The Dinah, as Elizabeth Keener found out this past weekend when she faced a constant barrage of fans seeking autographs and photos at the Palm Springs, Calif., event. We don’t know if it’ll get picked up yet, but our fingers are crossed. EK: Hope Royaltey, who was one of the executive producers on Venice — which I wasn’t able to do because of timing — but she and I got together and we’re doing this funny law office thing about dysfunctional lawyers.

After caught up with Keener, who was attending her third Dinah and first without The L Word to promote, to talk about Dawn Denbo’s legacy, The Real L Word: Los Angeles and her three upcoming projects. AE: A lot of people are talking about the lack of diversity with the cast and that it isn’t very representative. In Generation Y, I play a filmmaker interviewing students — seniors — and I go back 10 years to interview them again and follow their lives after that. EK: Lowering the Bar I will be, but not Generation Y. It’s a horror movie that I’ll be filming in the summertime.

When asked about her privacy to the media, she said that all the actors give out information that they want the fans to know about.

When asked about her dating life, she said that one can move faster only when alone. She exchanged the separation papers with her husband, without any lawyers.