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Just in time for all your holiday-ing needs, Snapchat has rolled out animated stickers and filters that do everything from sparkling and flashing to changing colors.

Find the stickers in the sticker drawer and swipe right or left on a photo or video to access the filters. Snapchat is furthering its push into AR with site-specific filters.

Simply press down on the camera screen until the Lens carousel appears on the bottom of the screen.

Lenses that work with Bitmoji are identified by a single object, such as a butterfly or coffee cup, rather than a face.

Snap a photo, tap the scissors tool, and select the square icon.

Pick the background that best fits the scene and outline the items or people that you want to appear in front of it.

Plus, the app just introduced a new feature that makes it easier to gain followers (check out the last slide for info).Tap the Lens you like and watch your Bitmoji appear in a silly 3D scene in front of you.You can resize or move your Bitmoji according to personal preference. You can tweak him or her by going to your profile and tapping "edit Bitmoji" in the upper lefthand corner.The nice thing about this is that you don't have to commit to following a celeb to watch their story.Just tap the circle to the left of their name and you can see all the snap action.

Free facetime chats email swaps sex