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The remaining microtransactions are limited to gun skins, purely cosmetic flair, most of which can be earned through Renown in time.

None of them are necessary (unless you ask me about the floral skins) or get in the way of playing the game, and with the promise of free maps and operators for everyone henceforth, the presence of microtransactions feels constrained in Siege. The lack of a campaign will smart for some, but small doses of story hurt Siege more than if they weren't there at all.

But you don’t just get thrown in and shoot one another willy-nilly.

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All 20 are locked behind Renown from the get-go, which is a currency tied to winning matches, completing challenges, and performing helpful operator-specific actions.But Siege banks more on slowburn psychology rather than twitch skills.There’s a maddening cycle of thought involved—it makes me think about how I’m thinking the more I play. On defense, our initial instinct was to hang out in the objective room and build an impenetrable fortress. Then we got the idea to use the objective room as a trap.The internal friction is such that I feel my heart might pop or I'll make a mess in my pants before the shooting even starts.I love this kind of (self) destructive tension, even if I’m not sure it’s good for me. FPS games typically bank on reflex, and I’ve never been quick enough to excel.