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[Reply]Yoz Weiqi, Nic & Sam, Glad that you guys had stood up again... is there anymore sides of milubing we haven't seen yet? All the best anyway.quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, [Reply]Sam, Nic & Weiqi!! U guys will make it to the finals if u believe and have faith... Will be there at the revivals to support u guys coz I just can't get enough of Milu Bing and I want u guys back.* * Milu Bing Rocks My World * ** * Hui Li * * | 28/06/2006, thanks [Reply]for the essence of faith.well guyz...smileznic | 28/06/2006, [Reply]goodnight nic! MLB, i really hope that you guys will get through the revival round. all the best(: | 28/06/2006, [Reply]迷路兵加油!!!!!!!!will vote a lot a lot okay!! [Reply]As mentioned earlier, i hope to see the naughty side of milubing for this round since they are singing 王*蛋 (can't force myself to say the word out). Haha, all the best anyway.quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, Wats Superband Without Mi Lu Bing??!! : D : D : DWEILI # | 28/06/2006, Nic ~ [Reply]slp early .... =)))q Ia Nh Ui | 28/06/2006, [Reply]nic you should go sleep.caifen | 28/06/2006, [Reply]honestly, i cant imagine the whole superband concert without milubing. " for supporting us, be it in the form of SMS or any other expression of love. 2ndly, "sorry" becos we didn't get in, thus making u disappointed. However, the 3 of us have already moved on and are working hard at brewing our next hot cup of delicious song for the whole MLB family to enjoy.p.s. We may be worned out physically, and our schedules have changed drastically now that we do not have a 1 week break but rather more filming for the revival show and pract to be done... "fan shen zhan" wld really be a big "zhan" and a hard "zhan".. I sincerely hope you all will successfully back to the stage after the revival! A lot of us are out there to support you guys, u noe what?

A lot of people are supporting you guys even though they're not smsing or calling... Not only u guys get fans who really calls and sms to support, but also those who wish to support you siliently!

but our spirits are high and we are gearing up to the challenge.

Our music is the representation of our 100%, yesterday, today, and the days to come.

Whaha..jaslyn | 27/06/2006, [Reply]feel so touched by the words on the photo.u guys all the best for the revival round! will really be looking forward to your performance during care!!

i heard the song jus now...thanks whoever that post the lyrics. nvm will look forward to ur music arrangement & surprises...