Jewish dating customs

They befriended Italian noblemen scattered among the fractured states of the Italian peninsula and created a base for Jewish life for the future.

Rabbi Katzenellenbogen and his sons fathered a great number of descendants.

For instance, the great synagogue in Florence, which was built during that time, resembles a church in terms of architecture.For many generations, people would not even marry into their families or treat them as Jewish — mostly out of resentment that when the moment of truth came they opted to convert rather than take upon themselves the privation of exile.As a result, many Marranos formed their own communities and remained isolated.The forced conversion of a quarter-million Jews in Spain was, in spiritual terms, a Holocaust never equaled in the long exile of the Jewish people.Even under the worst of circumstances of assimilation it never matched the finality of conversion. These were Jews who had officially converted to Christianity but saw themselves as Jews and practiced Judaism in secret as much as they could.