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The connection has the potential to cause flooding downstream. It's unclear why the full cost was paid by the sanitary district if, as Tebo stated in a subsequent email, the project "was initiated, designed and constructed by Mike Woods."USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin made multiple calls to Woods seeking comment, but he didn't respond.

Town Administrator Dave Tebo didn't return telephone calls from USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin, but he emailed a statement from the town that said the "dredging was part of a project by Mike Woods, who has been farming the Lin property for years. Dan Klansky, Greenville's water and sewer superintendent, referred a reporter's questions to Tebo."The sanitary district is working to determine what percentage of the invoice should be apportioned to the district considering its limited involvement," Tebo said in an email.

Karst features can be a direct conduit to groundwater, so the disturbance of the karst could make the area more susceptible to groundwater contamination.

On March 2, the DNR sent a letter to 22 well owners informing them that their water quality might be affected."It is recommended that you sample your drinking water for bacteria and nitrate, especially if you notice any change in the water quality, color or odor," the letter said.

The purpose of the project was to address drainage and erosion issues."The statement said the project was done under a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) permit "that appeared to grant approval for the dredging project.""Town Sanitary District No. The DNR held an enforcement conference with Tebo, Klansky, Woods and representatives of Immel Excavating and the Lin Family on March 14 in Green Bay.

1 became involved to fix up some areas along the stream that had been disturbed by a recent sewer interceptor construction project across the Lin property in an easement adjacent to the stream," the statement said. Afterward, the sanitary district hired Highway Landscapers Inc.

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Back in 1983, the Nasty Nimitz was just two lanes wide in some areas with lunar-sized potholes and interchanges built in the 1950s. Before we continue with Bob’s observations, can anyone match or top his 33-year commute?This should reduce the congestion but will not eliminate it, especially between A Street and Tennyson Road.“No such magic bullet exists,” says John-the-MTC-spokesman.Q In the 33 years I have seen the following improvements: carpool lanes, widening between Montague Expressway and Highway 101, reworked interchanges at Highway 92, South Mission and 237, and a huge paving project.I have witnessed severe crashes and too many fender-benders to count.