Muscular and women and dating

Janet Jackson hasn’t slowed down a beat since the birth of her son in January and she looks incredible thanks to her tour trainer, Paulette Sybliss.

To improve your stamina, the best tool is the EMOM, or the Every Minute on the Minute training protocol, says Ron Mathews, who owns Reebok Cross Fit LAB in L. This starts out very manageable, but will get harder as the workload takes a bigger toll and the body wants to rest more.

It might be winter but Sofia Richie soaked up the sun in Miami on Friday, December 8, where she flaunted a teeny white bikini.

The model, 19, hung out on the Florida beach where she was just spotted with boyfriend Scott Disick earlier this week – but this time she had […] *very vulnerable post & may be triggering* Ahhhh change room lighting 🙄 the lighting that can make you go from having a good day to wtf my body looks like that????

You know that the humble squat is one of the best exercises there is for building lower body strength—and you're probably already working them into your fitness routine pretty regularly. Outside of building muscle, squats can amp up human growth hormone production, improve your flexibility, and reduce your risk for injury in your other athletic endeavors.

But while most of us do the traditional back and front squat, there are several other variations on the classic move you'd be remiss to forget.