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His mistake had opened the door to scammers in Pakistan and Nigeria to steal his photos. I’m really ashamed what happen to me, because everybody knows about our relation and everybody knows that we are planning to go [to the Philippines] soon.” Aldrich said the con artist pretended he had been deployed to Afghanistan, posting comments and news clips from the war-torn country.

Last month, Scar made public a Facebook album of fake profiles and hopes it can help combat the scams. based in Iran and started to tell some story about his life,” she told Stars and Stripes via text message. She created doctored pictures of the pair, drew his portrait and planned to return home to the Philippines with him after eight years of working overseas. “You could see other women commenting on his posts and saying they hope he is OK,” he said.

Aldrich — a cybersecurity airman stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas — discovered in March that a scammer had obtained photos posted before 2014, when his Facebook profile was less secure.

This was presented as a kind of victory for the forces of progress—you were no longer excluded from serving—but it could instead be seen as solidifying discrimination.

Gay people were only acceptable, in effect, to the degree to which they could successfully masquerade as nongay.

In 1910, he befriends American reporter Johnny Sykes. See full summary » Mary Barrett is an aspiring Opera singer who is taken under the wings of a famous operatic maestro, Guilio Monterverdi.

After spending endless working hours together and arguing, their ...