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Click here for a full explanation of Crazy Al Evan’s Tiki 200 (Opus): Crazy_Al Tiki © Crazy AL Evans & Photo © Eric James Swearingen Jeffery Vallance – Nixon Tiki Reliquary Found Nixon political campaign items including emblazoned pencils, nail files, tabs and pins with American flag in empty glass Scotch whisky bottle set inside a carved wood figure, 17×5.25×5.25″ ,500 portion of the exhibition shall feature the world’s first and most comprehensive public offering of original, mid-century Tiki décor.

Commercial carvings, fixtures, furniture and lighting will be on sale from some of the most famous and obscure Tiki temples hailing from the mid-century era.

exhibition effectively ushered in the postmodern Tiki era, introducing newly themed Tiki art by such luminary artists as Mark Ryden, SHAG, Mitch O’Connell and Pizz.

Since that debut 21 years ago, the contemporary Tiki movement has flowered into virtual crusade of escapism.

Saved in a daring last minute rescue during the own supposed far- flung exploits. Everything from Hawaiian war shields to Marquesan figural poles and sculptured idols are represented in this rarely offered selection.

Mementos of his swashbuckling adventures functioned as décor and specialized exotic cuisines served as a tactile account of his distant travels. Located in a surprisingly welcomed proximity of just over 3200 feet from the North tarmac of the Los Angeles Airport, complex was the epitome of primitive, space-age bachelor pad living for 1962.

Works of art celebrating this colorful genre will be featured in all manner of mixed media presentations. Pictured below, these mugs were each and have completely SOLD OUT.The first observes the present and the second celebrates the past.Together for the first time, the public will have access to both contemporary artistic interpretations of the Tiki art form and vintage Tiki originals from which the modern movement sprang.The Art of Tiki, a two-part exhibition held by the world’s preeminent art purveyor and epicenter of the celebrated low-brow art movement, La Luz de Jesus Gallery.Opening October 6th, 2017, a dual show, The Art of Tiki will premiere in Los Angeles, California.