Scrapbook dating ideas

Most of the ideas – as you’d see – are also applicable to any celebration in the context of a romantic relationship. There are many such awesomely romantic words and phrases in other languages which have no English equivalent. Visit all the places in the city which hold special memories for you and take couple photos. What if you could recreate elements of your wedding day – only now, as a piece of art? : P) The end result would look something like this. Girls love flower bouquets and girls love chocolate.Use these creatively in a love letter describing your special feelings for her, or use these as messages/notes in #11 – #13. Create a “Memory Box.” Things to put inside – prints of your photos together, some of the (smaller) gifts you’ve exchanged over the years, the cologne you used on your first date, the clutch she carried on the day you first kissed her, your wedding handkerchief, her wedding slippers … Even if you’ve (unfortunately) lost track of some of those (really old) objects, you can replace them with newer ones, only under one condition – they all should hold some special memories for both of you. Strew short romantic notes all over your home for her to find out. If craziness is not your thing, don’t hesitate to ask me for help with the messages. Choose a love quote (better still – create one), get it framed nicely, and gift her. Again, if you need help with the quote you know where to come. Create a playlist of songs which fit in with your story – starting from how you first met, to your first kiss to how you fell in love and got married. Do something new & lasting to mark the anniversary – like bringing a pet home, planting a shrub together or starting a new project together. Her wedding sari, or dress, your wedding suit, bouquets and accessories? Here you can upload photos of your wedding attires, get them in a size of your choice, and delivered to before your anniversary day, so that you can stage a grand romantic moment on the D-day! Play her favourite music in the morning to wake her up. You obviously need to replace the odd bottle with your and her picture. I discovered a great website for creating your custom love poem. Why not combine the two in the form of an exquisite candy bouquet like the one here?If you’ve followed me on Facebook of late, you must be wondering what’s all the sudden flurry of fiftyness all about.So here’s the mystery: Today’s post is Love in india’s 50th baby step towards growing up.He really does take care of you.” He Does Take Care of Me by Katie Scott | Supplies: Specialty paper by KI Memories; vellum by Fiskars (circa 1999! ” I had never really thought about it before, because the movies themselves were all very different to me, but they were in fact each adapted from books by Nicholas Sparks.

You spend months (if not years) picking out the perfect venue, choosing the right dress, hiring the best photographer, videographer, DJ... With everything you need to check off your to-do list, it's far too easy to forget about the emotional side of a wedding.

Terry Billman says, “My husband and I vacationed in Waikiki earlier this year visiting our daughter and her family. He still tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am. I wanted to go on a cruise and he wanted to go camping. When the Lucky One hit the theaters I begged you to go.

We decided to make it a romantic vacation and stay at a hotel with an ocean view. I wrote the story so that it appears funny to the reader. When I saw her tree I immediately thought of a relationship and I wanted to frame our individual wedding head shots and put them either side of the tree to symbolize the opposition I’m talking about in the story. You were reluctant but agreed on one condition– “As long as that Nicholas Sparks character didn’t write it.” I assured you that he did not–so we called the sitter and bought the tickets.

First Date Night by Stefanie Semple | Supplies: Shabby Shoppe; Easy as Pie Templates (Blog template challenge 30); Shabby Miss Jenn Designs : date night (kit); Picture Designs: you & me (kit); Chelle’s Creations: stitch me ups (stitching).

Katie Scott says, “A friend noticed how much my husband does for me.