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There is also a user education dimension to this problem - users need to understand the sensitivity of the data they work with and their role in keeping it safe.In many cases, this involves educating users about what to do.For example, access to payroll data is usually restricted to those employees that process the payroll and those that review it.This is usually done within a payroll application that has built-in security and access controls.Keeping sensitive information secure from theft and vulnerability in today's digital world isn’t as easy as putting a lock on the file cabinet - especially with the widespread adoption of cloud computing.And even if you take every precaution with your online accounts and identifying information, there are many ways that information can land in another individual or company’s data management systems, where it can then somehow be made vulnerable to date theft or data leakage.Over 14,000 clients rely on Metalogix Tools every minute of every day to monitor, migrate, store, synchronize, archive, secure, and backup their collaboration platforms.Staying ahead of data security threats is hard enough, as seen in high-profile hacks of credit card numbers from Target and Home Depot the past few months.

The challenge for government and business is to use the tools that Share Point and other vendors provide to pro-actively establish, monitor and enforce security protocols and to limit internal access to sensitive content.That said, these are some tips companies should keep in mind when addressing their data security…Amit Pamecha is the CEO of Fran Connect, a global franchise operating systems provider that helps franchisors sell franchises, manage franchise operations and franchisees' local marketing.Services to businesses include franchisee royalty management, training, operations, marketing and e-commerce & POS solutions.Chuck Davis, MSIA, CISSP-ISSAP is an Author, Professor and Senior Security Architect.He teaches Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics classes for Harrisburg University and is a Senior Security Architect at a Fortune 500 Company, having previously worked as a Security Operations Manager for IBM.