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Both Ravi and I had downloaded our upcoming semester's class schedules. I returned the kiss with equal love and passion for my raven beauty.

All four of us sons shared some of the same classes. Finished with me, Mom flopped on the couch draping herself across Ravi.

All participants in the sexual activities are over the age of 18. All of us sons had enjoyed the times of our lives fucking our own mothers as well as each other's. Being their size, there was a lot of sag in them but they still held one's attention.

This is a continuation of The Danville Divorced Bitches Club. We had learned so much about our mothers over the course of the summer. I don't know how she accomplished it, but she was sitting with Ravi's monster cock buried in her ass.

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I felt particularly sorry for Mark as his mother, Janet, was the worst lay of the group. Ravi offered to give them a top up from the bugs and to send them over the following day. The four ended their texting when Ravi and Rick heard a knock at the back door.This, along with the suki involvement in the Soviet military, started an internal prison war between the military veterans and the leaders of the Russian criminal underground, or "Thieves in Law." Many prisoners were killed in the Bitch Wars.Prison authorities turned a blind eye, since prisoner deaths reduced the overall prison population. Since it is my own world, there are no STD's or unwanted pregnancies. Neither son wanted to share their mothers any longer. Sitting at my feet was Maria, the cute Hispanic girl. Her waist length hair tied back in a pony tail, wearing boy shorts and a matching bra, a bubblicious butt and B cup titties, she was fondling my cock and balls through my gym shorts.Since all characters practice good hygiene, showers are only mentioned when a part of the sexual activities. Her friend was a hot black girl, lighter skinned than Mom and me, a little taller than Maria, natural hair, and huge jugs.