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I once did some work for a woman who paid me in Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

They were fantastic, and when I suggested she use dates instead of raisins the next time she made them, she said “oh, they are too expensive”.

Meanwhile, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant General Manager Ryan Mitchell encourages anyone with an event idea to give him a call, “We’re always here to answer questions about how we can help our customers make their events an incredible success.

Just call us at the restaurant and we’ll quickly answer any questions you may have.

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant General Manager Ryan Mitchell says, “We really enjoy the catering side of this business.

Ashley suggested pecans would be a nice compliment with the dates, so I added pecans to the recipe, along with the dates.We understand that staging a successful event is largely dependent on the quality of the catering and we don’t take our responsibility lightly.We take pride in making sure that you have an amazing experience along with the best food available.We consider the strong customer response the best possible compliment for our restaurant.” My Big Fat Greek Restaurant also offers catering, ensuring you have the best Greek food for your event.My Big Fat Greek Restaurant has catered hundreds of events and customizes the catering for each occasion.